Love it! Your life sounds like a copy past of mine (almost to the smallest detail) but I do believe you are a bit older than me you old fart. LOL!

Utmost respect for your wife, this takes a lot of discipline. Keep it up man. There is no better way to kick the system in the teeth than to do what you and your family are doing.

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I have been wrestling with this idea of how the others affect me in close contact intimate situations.

I have found many ‘antidotes’ and I always suggest to those who opted for uniformed poison to take these things but I don’t push anyone. I just keep researching through trial and error on myself.

I have found most corrections when my eyes start getting hot and itchy, I get digestive burning, etc etc. EMF is a big component. Faraday clothes can help. Ionic colloidal silver, sodium borate are very important I believe.

I flew between states and continued in person bodywork all of 2020 and 2021 until now minus 1 or 2 months. I would not stop interacting with humanity in person, but I am a sensitive person and the poisons are everywhere now plus exacerbated through others. I believe we all need to keep strengthening ourselves and keep up the clear intuition and compassion most of all.

I am amazed at what and how I see television now. I love this series you are doing. South Park has also always been very awesome. And Simpson’s of course.

The Jason Bourne movie with Jeremy rennet is a fascinating movie to watch in hindsight

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Great post. Don’t stop.

The world needs to know of the lies, deceit, and mind control brainwashing indoctrination they’ve been lab rats for.

That includes EVERYTHING they think is true.

Can they wake up?

Only time will tell...

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Typo: "Engineers are just more specialised then the other professions listed but I think we all share a common mindset." - It is 'than' than 'then'

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